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Knysna, South Africa's Adventure Capital

One of the most popular areas in the Rainbow Nation, South Africa is the country’s Garden Route, which stretches for hundreds of miles along the southwestern coastline. The area is vast, with many picturesque cities along the highway. We chose

CLIA Re-Introduces Its Certification Programs for Cruise Lines

WHY IT RATES: CLIA’s certification courses provide a wealth of expert knowledge to deliver valuable education to the industry as a whole. —Janeen Christoff, TravelPulse Senior Writer Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has re-introduced a newly expanded opportunity for cruise

White House is Reviewing the Travel Ban to North Korea

Travel to North Korea is a no-go for American citizens right now thanks to a travel ban instituted last year, however, that may soon change. The White House announced today that they are reviewing travel restrictions to North Korea. They

Cruise Line Offers Free Buffet to Federal Employees

We are currently in the longest government shutdown in history, and while many in the travel industry are pressuring lawmakers to end the shutdown, some are offering a helping hand in the meantime. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is providing a

Top Family Destinations from Villas of Distinction

Villas of Distinction, a 2019 Travvy Award winner for Best Villa Rental Company, offers travelers one-of-a-kind luxury escapes in the most coveted destinations around the globe. There’s a unique villa experience to suit every type of traveler and event, whether

State Department Warns Americans About Traveling to China

The US State Department issued a travel advisory today warning Americans to exercise increased caution when visiting China due to what it called arbitrary enforcement of local laws and special restrictions on dual U.S.-Chinese nationals. The new advisory notes that

Albuquerque's Friendly LGBTQ Vibe

Albuquerque is a fascinating and dynamic city, sometimes overlooked by travelers. Similarly, the city is under the radar as a queer destination. But the city and region are very queer-friendly, and there are many reasons why LGBTQ travelers should consider

Poland Grows in Popularity With 2020 Travelers

As words such as “overtourism” begin to appear more frequently in headlines around the world, travelers are looking to alternative destinations, and it looks like Poland is one country that is enjoying the benefits. Sophia Kulich, the owner of Sophia’s

Four Signature Epcot Festivals Welcome Guests to Disney World in 2020

为何选择费率:预订2021年家庭旅行的旅行社和顾问应考虑迪士尼迪斯尼Epcot今年提供的活动。——《突发新闻》资深作家唐纳德·伍德(Donald Wood)。 沃尔特迪斯尼世界度假区的Epcot在1月18日开始的四个标志性主题公园节中,全年庆祝艺术,鲜花,美食,音乐,假日和不间断的家庭娱乐。 Epcot国际艺术节:1月18日至2月。25 一年一度的视觉,烹饪和表演艺术庆祝活动,将以各种形式向家庭中的每个人展示39个充满乐趣的日子。在超过15个公园景点中,食物和饮料都充满艺术气息。音乐节的创意菜单包括从Cuisine Classique的红酒炖短排配欧洲防风菜泥到Masterpiece Kitchen的香草,玫瑰水和开心果奶油布丁。所有年龄段的孩子都希望尝试Pop’t Art现代设计的糖饼干和其他美味佳肴。 更多娱乐 听:古怪的旅行要求,动物走私者和更多… 米奇的万圣节恐怖门票在售… 迪斯尼乐园度假区正在投掷大量的米奇和米妮。 在2019年,电影节广受欢迎的迪士尼百老汇音乐会系列将在电影节的每一天进行表演。该系列在百老汇的表演中展示了迪士尼的音乐表演,如“狮子王”,“美女与野兽”,以及特殊的用餐套餐可确保音乐会座位。 互动乐趣无处不在。来宾可以帮助绘画壁画,在标志性艺术品中摆出令人难忘的照片,参加研讨会或休息一下观看表演艺术家的表演。 Epcot国际花卉节:3月6日至6月3日 在为期90天的鲜花,修剪,主题美食,解放和音乐庆典期间,数以百万计的春天的花朵将使Epcot变成一个色彩绚丽的奇妙世界。现在已是第26年,该音乐节继续提供新鲜的体验。迪士尼•皮克斯即将上映的“玩具总动员4”中的新《波普窥视》和她的绵羊复制品将在电影节的新家庭游乐区迎宾。特色花园将重点放在蝴蝶,竹子和莎士比亚的隐喻植物上,而70多个迪士尼主题的雕塑丛(从白雪公主到雏菊鸭)则点缀其中。 拥有自己的药草园和蔬菜园的新户外厨房将在今年首次亮相,提供创意小吃和饮料。《花园摇滚音乐会》系列今年将扩展到音乐节的每一天,提供涵盖多种类型的新颖和回归表演。每天进行三场表演,整个音乐节期间将举办270场音乐会,比以往任何时候都多!由Peter Noone主演的《旋转者》和《 Herman’s Hermits》等返回的最爱将与TobyMac,Steven Curtis Chapman和Colin Hay of Men in Work等新加入音乐节的艺术家一起参加。 Epcot国际美食美酒节:夏末/秋季 迪士尼游客可以在这个标志性的美食盛宴中尽情享受美食,美食盛宴将持续至夏末至2019年11月。超过30个节日市场将在整个Epcot提供诱人的口味和饮。在音乐节期间,“ Eat to the Beat”音乐会系列将呈现各种流行歌曲制作人,从流行音乐到乡村音乐再到R&B等等。预订Eat to Beat Dining Packages的顾客可以享受音乐会座位。客人还可以通过预订节日的饮料研讨会以及特色餐饮和配对活动来发现新的咸味和甜品。 Epcot国际假日节:秋/冬 Epcot一年一度的yuletide盛会通过现场音乐表演,讲故事的人,季节性的灯光和装饰,可口的节日佳肴等来庆祝世界展示文化的假日传统。深受喜爱的,长期运行的烛光游行邀请宾客体验由名人主持人讲述的圣诞节故事,以及由专业乐团和完整合唱团演奏的珍贵圣诞节音乐。餐饮套餐可确保提供烛光座位。 迪士尼大厨们制作了珍贵的时令菜肴,以使世界展示湖周围的假日厨房售货亭保持美味佳肴。从咸味食品到糖果,从儿童饮品到成人解放,每个人的假期菜单上都有一些。

United Donated $1 Million to Feed Furloughed Workers

On Friday, President Trump announced that the United States’ longest government shutdown would temporarily end to alleviate travel industry issues like flight cancellations that arose because of the shutdown. Even though the government shutdown has been lifted, it doesn’t negate

Top Travel Technology Leaders Honored at 2020 Travvy Awards

Travel technology continues to be a fascinating and rapidly evolving space, one in which barely a day goes by without the announcement of an exciting new development designed to improve the overall travel experience. From apps designed to customize and

Disneyland Resort is Throwing a Massive Mickey and Minnie Celebration

WHY IT RATES: Travel agents and advisors working with families should consider selling them on Disneyland’s Mickey and Minnie Celebration.—Donald Wood, Breaking News Senior Writer. Get Your Ears On – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration launches at the Disneyland Resort

Frontier Airlines’ Flight Attendants Asking for Tips

Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines is asking passengers to tip their flight attendants following their refreshment service. According to, Frontier offers passengers the opportunity to leave a tip for their individual server when paying with a card through the airline’s

Beaches Turks and Caicos Slated to Close Indefinitely in 2021

Sandals Resorts International, the parent company of Beaches Resorts, recently announced to its travel agent partners that it will be closing Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa during certain dates from now through 2021, and possibly much longer.

New Global Business Travel Report Forecasts Airfare Stability

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is forecasting that airfares will remain stable in 2019 despite some fluctuations on major routes. The Air Monitor 2019 report found that fare levels should hold steady on many of the world’s major air

Study Shows Traveling Can Help Make Kids Successful in School

We all know that vacations bring families together, but a recent survey shows that traveling may also help kids to be more successful in school. The Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA) conducted a survey of almost 1,500 U.S. based

Winter Storm Gia Hampers Travel With Road Closures, Flight Delays

Update: January 14, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. ET Winter Storm Gia forced approximately 1,500 flight cancellations across the U.S. over the weekend but those issues are beginning to clear up Monday morning, with flight-tracking website reporting just 170 cancellations

San Diego Tourism Authority Launches $19 Million Campaign

San Diego is hoping to give travelers something to smile about. The destination’s tourism authority has just launched a $19 million, multi-platform, international advertising campaign. Focused on the theme of “Something to Smile About,” the ads will target consumers in

Aqua-Aston Hospitality Talks LGBTQ Marketing

Aqua-Aston Hospitality (AAH) has a variety of hotel properties and condominiums in warm vacation destinations: Oahu, Kauai, Maui, the Big Island, Orlando, and Costa Rica. The company has also played an active role in supporting the LGBTQ community by including